Affordable treatments in Perth

Our facial Aesthetics treatments

Anti-Wrinkle treatments

Commonly referred to as Botox or Toxin treatments rely on using botulinum toxin to relax the function of the muscles.This helps us reduce frown lines, forehead lines and lines around the eyes and much more…



One Area


Two areas


Three areas


Dermal fillers

Lips can be treated for as little as £160 for 0.5 mls which is often more than enough to give the lips a nice boost. We can increase the volume in the lip body, give more definition to the lips or enhance the projection of the lips.


0.5mls of Lip filler


1mls of Lip filler


Cheek fillers

When we age we often loose volume in our cheeks which can make our face look less youthful. By restoring the lost volume we can turn back the clock and have a more gloving appearance.


1.2 mls

From £200

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